Project: the Float 4#
Client: European Cultural Centre
Designer and Imgs: XinY
Location: Venice, Italy
Completed: 10 May, 2023

  • 2 curved red pipes balanced by 7 prestressed cables, and the upper pipe does not touch the lower or ground, so it appear to be floating in air. At the same time, two curves chase and intertwine with each other, views changes with vistists' walking around step by step.

  • Prototype of the construction system comes from Karl Voldemarovich Ioganson's (1890-1929, Latvian-Soviet avant-garde Constructivist artist) "self-stabilizing constructions" which showed on the 2nd Spring Exhibition of the OBMOKhU in Moscow 1921.

the Floating
the Floating
the Floating

Project: the Float 3#
Client: Nanjing Advanced Technology School
Architect: Zhong Huaying, Li Shaohang
Structural Design: XinY
Principal Contractor : XinY
Location: Nanjing China
Completed: 2015

  • 6m high with black stone base.

the Floating
the Floatingthe Floating

Project: the Float 2# (table)
Designer: XinY
Location: Shanghai China
Completed: 2014

Surface Tensegrity
Surface Tensegrity Surface Tensegrity
Surface Tensegrity Surface Tensegrity