About us


a gold winner of A' Design Awards 2022
a top5 best engineering firm by A+ Awards 2021
and a winner of Structural Awards 2020 Showcase

is a team of engineers working on the structure consultancy, reseach and design, with global vision and local service. 
Founded in 2001 by Xin Yuan, it consists of a main office in Shanghai, two others in London and Tokyo.

We founded and administrate 'China Structure Forum' ( www.okok.org) for over 20 years
today with about 360,000 members and over 1,000,000 posts.

Professional books we published

Structural Theory and Engineering Practice, ISBN 7-80177-349-7, 2005.8
Heavy Industy Factroy Design, ISBN 978-7-114-06494-4, 2007.4
Light Steel Structure Design, ISBN 978-7-114-07311-3, 2008.8
Connections and Joints of Steel Constuction (I), ISBN 978-7-114-09541-2, 2012.1
Connections and Joints of Steel Constuction (II), ISBN 978-7-114-11534-9, 2014.8

Contact us

XinY structural consultants
add: 5 woodhouse, 9 fenyang lu, xuhui district, shanghai
p.c. 200031
email: okok@okok.org
tel: 0086-21-54015520